Message in a Bottle (MIAB)

We would like to thank Minster Lions Club for their dedication in launching MIAB in York and surrounding areas.



An Emergency Information Scheme to help people who have medical conditions, who are living on their own or are elderly. The scheme is actively supported by the Ambulance, Police and Fire Rescue Services, local hospitals and Primary Care Trusts. It gives the peace of mind to recipients and relatives because vital information is available in an emergency situation to the emergency services. It has been running nationally for over four years now and Lions clubs have supplied free of charge over 3 million of these containers. In York, Lions have distributed over 32,000 containers.

What is message in a bottle? (MIAB)
The Lions message in a bottle scheme encourages you to keep your personal and medical details in a bottle in the fridge. If you have an accident or sudden illness, then the emergency services know where they can find information they need. This saves time and they can treat you more quickly.

Where can I get a bottle?
You can get a bottle from:
Ambulance, Police and Fire Rescue Services, York City Hospital, your Doctors surgery, Neighbourhood Pride Officer, Age Concern, St Sampson Centre and Bishopthorpe Link Office.What do I need to do?You need to fill in the form which comes with the bottle, put the bottle in the fridge and put the green and white Lion emergency stickers (supplied) where they can easily be seen. You can get extra forms for couples or if you want to update your details.

What information does the form ask for?

  • name, address, date of birth, gender etc
  • brief description of any illnesses
  • medical conditions you are suffering from
  • doctors details
  • allergies
  • details of medication which you are allergic to
  • where you keep any medicines you are taking
  • names and addresses of two people who can be contacted in an emergency
  • details of any pets you have in your home
  • carer or any other support worker details
  • if you have a donor card

How you can help
If you would like to help with this scheme or you want to find out more details email